Hi Friends!

My name is Taqiyya, a Certified RYT 200, Aerial Yoga Instructor, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, and Herbalist in Training. My superpower is being able to tune into your emotions. I specialize in guiding ancestral healing and creating nourishing sacred spaces to shed, cry, uncover, unlearn, heal and rebuild yourself in a way that aligns on a soul level. 

Why can I help you with this? For one, because I care and I FEEL you... Secondly, because I’ve done it for myself. I’ve lived the dark path of bitterness, resentment, anxiety, and depression for most of my years earthside until one day, after a long time of trying to get my attention, life forced me to wake the f*** up and dig to uncover my power.

I was always a victim of my circumstances and decided in 2012, I’d set out on an intentional journey to radical self love. I would get rid of all my things, leave all that was familiar in New York, get a therapist in San Diego and rebirth my life in a way that felt safe, was full of love and most importantly, TRUE TO ME. 

Along the journey, I found emotional balance with essential oils , which led me to yoga where I uncovered self love and acceptance. Which led me to a community of supportive women, that gave me the courage to try ayahuasca and gain an understanding of spirit and plant medicine. On to becoming attuned to reiki, to working with the energy of the womb, where I finally feel whole, and in my purpose of guiding healing (in others) on generational level.

Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher- 2017

200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher- 2018

Reiki I & II Practioner- 2019

Vaginal Steam Facilitator - 2019

Clinical Herbalist - 2021




I call Reiki, yoni steaming + yoni steam herbs, plant medicine, essential oils, yoga, among other healing practices that lift your vibration, Juju.  It is rooted in principles of Energy Medicine (EM) which asks that we view our bodies as systems of energy.  Meaning, whatever challenge one faces in life, physical, emotional or otherwise, stagnant energy is the culprit and you can bet on it there's some type of JUJU to help you flow into alignment on your journey.



The goal of Sacred Juju is to provide an alternative perspective and tools for taking back your health. Whether you are seeking general energy healing or practices to connect you to the wisdom of your womb, the intention is to support you in taking control of the energy driving your presence. I practice Reiki, Energy Medicine and Womb Healing with strong belief in the intelligence of our bodies and its ability to heal itself once properly activated.



Supporting you in learning your energy, providing tools to help you identify and re-pattern conditioned behaviors, and returning you back to love (i.e. lifting your vibration) is my mission and promise to you! With the most loving intention it is my honor to provide you with energy healing, guidance, and EM tools needed to support your physical, mental, and emotional transformation.