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Hear what others say...

" I have taken both group classes and private classes with Taqiyya. Recently, I had the opportunity to take private reiki sessions at her studio and I truly enjoy those the most. Taqiyya is always guided on what I need. She is so welcoming and when you walk into her studio you feel like you have found a peaceful escape to our sometimes hectic world. I have had a lot of changes over the past few months and I believe that Taqiyya was put in my path to help me with that changes I had to make. I am so truly grateful that I have had the privilege to know such an amazing woman." - Tracey K

"Taqiyya is nothing short of amazing. She walks in the room and you can feel her presence and light fill the space. She has such a way with words. My world of thoughts always seem to come together after I talk to her. I feel so comfortable and natural after her classes. If that is not enough, she is an ENERGY GODDESS. Her reiki touch is heavenly energetic yet subtle and gentle. I always feel a sense of strength and calmness after her classes. Its very grounding for me since I am always in the air and full of the ifs/maybes/projects. I can go on and on but you guys just need to experience her magic for yourself." -- Amy T.

"I don´t know much about reiki, but what I do know is that our energy effects everything. And after having had an intense few months, nothing sounded better than having a skilled practitioner help guide energy around my body. To help clear what might be blocked. Taqiyya did just that. She created a safe healing space, and worked her energy manipulation skills. I left feeling refreshed un"stuck" and open to life." -- Zoe F.